Natalia's profile

    • 44
    • none
    • 176
    • 53
    • dark brown
    • divorced
    • blue
    • higher education: Master degree
    • Ergonomics Marketing Specialist
    • English: good
    • German: no
    • Yes
    • no
    • rarely
    • Latvia
    • own house
    • Orthodoxy
    • I want my man to be smart, intelligent, loyal and who'll love my daughter and me.
      I prefer my relationship to be built on love, harmony respect and mutual trust,
      I think it is the key for creating a strong family.
    • Friends say that three S are harmoniously combined in me: Smartness, Spirituality and Sexiness.
      I believe I am an independent, well-educated, tender, kind, sweet and positive lady, who likes to charge people around her with energy and optimism ;)
      I love home comfort and do it with big pleasure, I know how to please with tasty and healthy food and create an atmosphere.
      I strongly believe every woman should take care of her appearance and be always neat and beautiful. I like developing myself not only physically but mentally too. I always find compromises, I try to never argue and quarrel and stay positive and friendly.